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Entity Formation, Mergers, and Dissolutions

We can assist with all corporate management in the lifecycle of a nonprofit, from the creation and nonprofit recognition to mergers and splits to dissolutions.

Nonprofit Accounting and Charitable Gift Management

Nonprofit entities face special demands in their accounting and tax compliance because the special benefits that come from non-profit recognition also carry special obligations. We assist clients in ensuring that their record-keeping and accounting methods are appropriate, their tax filings are handled correctly, and charitable gifts are properly managed. Charitable gift management is a particular concern because many nonprofit entities lack the staff and know-how to ensure that the entity’s interests in promised gifts—such as bequests from a decedent, promises made by a donor, and beneficial interests in a charitable trust—are protected. Our unique background in corporate, tax, nonprofit, and estate planning and probate law make us exceptionally well-equipped to assist in these matters.

Tax-Exempt Status Recognition

Forming a nonprofit organization requires skills that cut across numerous practice areas, including corporate formation, tax law, and non-profit entities law. We have extensive experience in all of those areas, making us uniquely equipped to assist you in the formation of your nonprofit organization.

One of the most challenging tasks when starting a nonprofit organization is obtaining tax-exempt status from the IRS. Our services go behond merely forming the corporate entity to assisting you in obtaining tax-exempt status from the IRS and the state. Because of our experience we are able to respond effectively to questions or concerns from the IRS during the application process. And we can advise you on the necessity of gaining tax exempt status in other states, registering with other government offices, and meeting requirements necessary for organizations receiving charitable gifts.

Employment Law Compliance

Employment law compliance is essential to ensuring the health and longevity of a nonprofit organization. From writing personnel handbooks and policies to assisting in the shaping of reasonable accommodations to disabled employees, our decades of experience in employment law combined with our strength serving the nonprofit community make us uniquely equipped to assist nonprofit entities in employment matters.

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