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The total cost of a surrogacy through Lippman, Semsker & Salb usually ranges between about $65,000 and $100,000. Surrogacy costs fall into three main categories:

✽ First, you will pay medical expenses for the harvesting of your eggs (or your egg donor’s eggs) and the implantation of the eggs in your gestational carrier. These costs generally total approximately $20,000, but can vary widely depending on the ease of implantation. These costs are paid directly to the medical providers.

✽ Second, you will pay fees and costs to your Gestational Carrier (and to your egg donor, if necessary). These fees and costs range between about $20,000 and $45,000.

✽ Third, you will pay surrogacy service fees and legal fees, totaling approximately $21,000 to $23,000.

The following is a detailed breakdown of the costs:

1. Medical Expenses (paid to medical provider) will usually total about $20,000:
a. IVF cycles: $15,000 (frozen embryos are less expensive)
b. Egg Donor Medications: $3,000
c. Gestational Carrier Medications: $2,000

2. Fees Paid to or for the Gestational Surrogate will total between about $25,000 but can be as high as $37,000, as follows:
a. Gestational Carrier: $18,000 ($25,000 for an experienced Gestational Carrier)
b. Egg donor fee: $7,000 and 10,000 (if necessary)
c. Additional fee paid to surrogate for each additional baby when multiples: $3,000
d. Psychological and medical screening of Gestational Surrogate candidates: $3,000
e. Allowance for travel expenses and miscellaneous expenses: $200 per month
f. Maternity clothing allowance: $500
g. Fee paid to surrogate for each embryo transfer: $750
h. Life insurance premium for one year: Approximately $400
i. Fee paid to Gestational Surrogate if a C-section is necessary: $1,500
j. Fee paid to Gestational Surrogate if an invasive procedure is required (such as CVS, amniocentesis, miscarriage, D&C, D&E, selective reduction, HSG, or HSC): $750
k. Mock cycle fee: $375
l. Cancelled cycle fee: $375
m. Lost wages, childcare, and housekeeping costs may also be required.
n. Also expect to pay travel expenses, hotel, and meals for Gestational Carrier and one support person.

3. Fees Charged by Lippman, Semsker & Salb, LLC or for other legal fees are usually about $20,000:
a. Surrogacy Service Fee (for coordination, locating Gestational Carrier, etc.): $12,500 (non-refundable, paid at commencement)
b. Preparation of contract with Gestational Carrier: $3,500
c. Preparation of and representation during pre-birth order process: $2,500 (plus court fees)
d. Also expect to pay another attorney to represent the Gestational Surrogate for the review of the contract: Approximately $1,500

Please note that these are estimates and subject to change. Your actual expected costs will appear in your contract.

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