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Teachers, professors, and staff at colleges, universities, and lower schools are in the first instance employees. Many work-place problems, such as discrimination, harassment, non-payment of wages, and discipline, are employment-related disputes similar to those that arise in any other profession, business, or industry. Lippman, Semsker & Salb has a long history advancing the rights of employees and we are well-equipped to assist in any such claim.

Tenure, however, is unique to teachers and professors. If you have been denied tenure or lost tenure and seek assistance appealing the decision within the institution or think you might need to take the case to court, Lippman, Semsker & Salb can help. We have experience with winning tenure, negotiating for tenure reconsiderations, appealing denials of tenure, and litigating due process cases in the context of tenure disputes.

Claims against educational institutions require lawyers with deep knowledge of how schools work and the laws which govern them. While some lawyers believe that colleges and universities are not subject to the same laws as other businesses, we know that U.S. and state laws provide important protections to faculty. We have extensive experience bringing contract-based and statute-based claims against colleges and universities.

Educational institutions are also subject to Titles VI and IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which require non-discrimination and gender-parity. Lippman, Semsker & Salb’s extensive civil rights and employment law background complements our experience solving education-related problems.

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