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Though many employment lawyers limit their practice to either employees or employers, we have found that our practice as Employment Lawyers, without preconceived bias in favor of or against either side, has given us a strategic advantage serving all of our clients. This allows us to provide a unique perspective to all of our clients. This helps us understand each side’s perspective, which ultimately helps us resolve many cases without the need for trials. And it helps us win when trial is necessary.

We have found that our decades of experience representing individuals has served our business clients immeasurably. We offer insight into the plaintiff’s case that no management-only lawyer can supply.

And we have found that our experience representing employers has better helped our employee clients know what motivates the company, how best to communicate with company to determine whether settlement is possible and also to ensure the best possible settlement, and, most importantly, where the evidence might be found.

Whether you are the victim of discrimination or your company has been accused of discrimination, we are pleased to help you. If you are trying to negotiate a severance agreement, we can help you. If you are exploring whether a non-competition agreement will stick, we can help you.

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